What Readers Say

Dan takes the readers through a journey of forgiveness in both the Old and the New Testaments, woven together with his personal experience on the subject. In the face of practical unforgiveness among many believers, the book is an invitation to devote to this key subject passionately and outrageously. One of the outstanding statements in this book is, “Forgiveness in Christianity does not require forgetting but rather remembering with a transformed attitude!”
Rev. Joyce Meka Singi.
Resident Pastor - Gospel Centres International, Nairobi
This book can be conceptualized into various study tools for use by those recovering/or who have suffered at the hands of others.
Pastor Andrew Muganda
Theologian & Pastor - International Christian Centre - Imara Daima
I love Dan's style of writing. Personal stories and experiences give live to his writing. This is good ministry! It is an incredible piece; I couldn't be prouder!
James King'ara
CEO & Co-founder - Life-light Missions
The world hurts daily. That is why you have to read this compelling forgiveness manual!
Paul & Tina Powells
Ministers and Friends
Forgiveness, though a powerful and life-long requirement, is not easy to practice. It is not a one-time event but a daily intentional choice. Dan Kimeu through the power of the Holy Spirit has penned down this powerful message using very relatable life experiences that will leave you encouraged to embrace the transformative power of forgiveness.
Gladys Muthoni
A Speaker & Friend
Dan masterfully shows that forgiveness needs to be embraced, but not until we subject ourselves to the architect of the act - God. My prayer is that this book will bring God’s restoration and healing to whoever receives and reads it. God bless you!
Bill Kioko
Growth Centre Pastor - Gospel Centres International